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How the times have changed…………

The days of plough fallowing on a summer rain followed by up to 3 disc and scarifier workings before sowing are long a thing of the past. Minimum and no till practices, better agronomic advice and improved chemical technologies have advanced sowing practices and have highlighted the importance of retaining structure and humus content of your soils.

By way of minimizing disturbance producers have seen significant increases in soil and microbial health, major reductions in soil erosion as well as improved access to moisture by plants primarily due to an increased earthworm populous.

Soil compaction has been lessened with the introduction of minimum tillage practices, primarily due to reduced ‘paddock traffic’ whilst non aggressive harrowing techniques have assisted in lessening compaction as well.

Significant time and fuel cost savings have been the most visible benefits from initiating minimum tillage practices. Maintaining and improving soil conditions ensure yield increases and protection of your most valuable assets, your soil, your land and your future.

Our tillage partners Agmaster, Primary Sales and Maxipoint each offer tillage solutions. View their on-line catalogues from the links below.

Agland Industries also supply air seeder hose, grouper hose, combine and air seeder replacement parts, conventional tillage points, harrows and all your belts, bearings and lubricants.

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